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I hate spam. Spam as in unsolicited, not requested, unwanted email. Simply because it keeps me off my regular work. I have to scan the email-inbox for real email. That’s why I have implemented Anti Spam.

There is such a thing as legitimate, opt-in email. This type of email uses lists of people who request to be placed on specific mailing lists and can opt-out at any time. No, the unsolicited email is the junk I dislike very much. Therefore I fight spam with all the best practice receipts found on the Internet, suggestion and tips from others.

Besides running a mailserver, I have added several options in the configuration to enforce received mail to comply with the standards. That alone already resolved a lot of spam.

However, spammers understand they will have to comply, that anti-spam methods are in place. They have and will develop more methods in which they still can send spam, but are not trapped in anti-spam measures.

By configuring the email that the spam score on f.e. spamassassin remains low, they will pass eventually the destination email.

As example, spammers use the http get command to get the default page. In that page, by default the admin name of the website is mentioned. This is in readable format i.e. if you run a website, change the ServerAdmin stanza to not-machine-usable like

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