The services we can provide, but not limited to:

  • Business Engineering

Business Engineering is de concept in which a business is modeled through the use of DEMO – Wikipedia. The DEMO methodology provides a coherent understanding of communication, information, action and organization. The scope is here shifted from “Information Systems Engineering” to “Business Systems Engineering”, with a clear understanding of both the information and the central organizations.

  • IT infrastructure monitoring

Monitoring through clever usage of resources and services to check. Not only just to see if a company’s url is reachable, but also if mail is functioning properly through the use of specifc re-route addresses. It does not only test of services available; far more important, are the business processes up and running. And, measuring and creating performance graphs means clear view on what’s going on in the network. A thorough insight in your systems.

  • Security monitoring

Suricata is used to monitor on specific connections in the network and Snorby is used as a central console to consolidate all the events. Insight in what’s happening on the network, as all unusual activity is monitored and reported.
Below the daily top 15 of attacks seen on the monitored networks, as seen on the connections directly to the Internet:
Snorby totals

  • Network design, troubleshooting and improvements

Is the network ready for the future? What will happen with Cumulus Networks? SDN? ACI? Contrail? VMware NSX or NSX-T? Any positive effect on my network? Virtualisation? Mesosphere? Apstra?

  • Operational cost reduction

By combining smart goals, a check to see of the operational costs can be reduced. Either by smart outsourcing activities, or reduce costs using spare equipment or support in a different format. Automation of common task using modern methods.

  • Flow monitoring and analysis

Netflow, or IPFIX is the accounting on the network. It provides a trail of communications without the contents. Who’s the top-talker on the network? Which server is communicating to which clients/servers? Where do I see attempts accessing resources, without a proper reply? Monitoring is done based on NFSen and some plugins; more insight is given by NFSight.

  • IT Infrastructure documentation

Using smart tools, make an inventory of the network and document it. Which device, which serial nr, which version of software does it run?