The services we can provide, but not limited to:

  • Translate complex projects into understandable language

Boards are helped with a translation of an IT project into understandable language. This helps them understand the risks, challenges and purpose.

  • Business Engineering

Business Engineering is de concept in which a business is modeled through the use of DEMO – Wikipedia. The DEMO methodology provides a coherent understanding of communication, information, action and organization. The scope is here shifted from “Information Systems Engineering” to “Business Systems Engineering”, with a clear understanding of both the information and the central organizations.

  • IT infrastructure monitoring

Monitoring through clever usage of resources and services to check. Not only just to see if a company’s url is reachable, but also if mail is functioning properly through the use of specifc re-route addresses. It does not only test of services available; far more important, are the business processes up and running. And, measuring and creating performance graphs means clear view on what’s going on in the network. A thorough insight in your systems.

  • Security monitoring

Insight in what’s happening on the network, as all unusual activity is monitored and reported.

  • Network design, troubleshooting and improvements

Is the network ready for the future?

  • Operational cost reduction

By combining smart goals, a check to see of the operational costs can be reduced. Either by smart outsourcing activities, or reduce costs using spare equipment or support in a different format. Automation of common task using modern methods.

  • Flow monitoring and analysis

Netflow, or IPFIX is the accounting on the network. It provides a trail of communications without the contents. Who’s the top-talker on the network? Which server is communicating to which clients/servers? Where do I see attempts accessing resources, without a proper reply? Monitoring is done based on NFSen and some plugins; more insight is given by NFSight. A more modern way is using Elastiflow.

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