Express routes

In these modern times, companies want to connect to the cloud. Though you may connect to the cloud over the Internet, that might bring unwanted features. Internet connections do not bring any way of quality of service (QOS). What can you do to prevent this problem from happening? Connect to the cloud directly. What is […]

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Bye Bye birdie

Since the takeover by #elmo of the bird, I decided the time was there to move on. Too much of changed rules on twitter, to much of a say by just one person. No. So I move onto Mastodon. Is there a big difference? No, the logic is similar, except for a few. You still

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Razberry on Jessie

I recently updated my raspberry from wheezy to jessie. This takes some time and needs an answer once and a while. Bigger problem, as initially found – the upgrade of the RazBerry software resulted in a “error handling data from server”. Some other options in the menu resulted in a 404 – page not found.

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