Android ICS and calendar colors in Exchange

Do this at your own risk

I run Android ICS on my phone, DarkyRom LPB to be exact. When configuring the replication with my exchange-like email server, I cannot select the color on the calendar. Annoying, and even worse, bad readable. On my phone, the calendar item had the same color as the background, so start/end time was not clear.

I tried a few programs from the market, however was unable to actually change the color. Either the calendar was not the default one, or got FC’s trying to.

Surfing the net, I bumped onto Exchange Calendar color change which pointed my in the proper direction. Pointed, since locations and naming has changed, but traceable.

What you need

  • a rooted android phone
  • aSQLiteManager
  • ES File Explorer

I picked blue background, white text. If you want a different color, change this in google calendar. Before you make the change as documented below, edit the corresponding item in the calendar.db from below and note down the negative number.

Change the color
1. Find the current properties of the file /data/data/
On my phone:
-rw-rw---- 1 app_43 app_43 344064 Feb 15 15:23 calendar.db

2. Copy calendar.db from /data/data/ to /mnt/sdcard

3. Open calendar.db using aSQLiteManager
a. click on Calendars
b. click on data
c. pick the calendar and click on edit
d. field calendar.color is probably 0 change this to -15193001 (nice blue with white text)
e. click OK and exit aSQLiteManager

4. cp /mnt/sdcard/calendar.db back to /data/data/ and restore the permissions and user

5. reboot & enjoy

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