Razberry on Jessie

I recently updated my raspberry from wheezy to jessie. This takes some time and needs an answer once and a while.

Bigger problem, as initially found – the upgrade of the RazBerry software resulted in a “error handling data from server”. Some other options in the menu resulted in a 404 – page not found. Crap.

A peek in the /var/log/z-way-server.log showed the following:

[2015-10-06 10:27:28.496] [I] [core] Instantiating module 4 from class ZWave
[2015-10-06 10:27:28.523] [I] [core] — Starting module Z-Wave binding
[2015-10-06 10:27:28.833] [I] [core] Notification: critical (z-wave): Can not start Z-Wave binding: ReferenceError: ZWaveBinding is not defined
[2015-10-06 10:27:28.837] [I] [core] Loading module DummyDevice from modules/DummyDevice

Yuk. And now?

Starting z-way from hand showed the cause:

pi-user@razberry /opt/z-way-server > LD_LIBRARY_PATH=libs ./z-way-server

It showed an errormessage on libarchive12.so unable to load. That’s nice, libarchive12 is not present on raspbian jessie, it is libarchive13.

So, a softlink helped, from libarchive.so.13.1.2 to libarchive.so.12 in /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf

Now z-way-server 01.09.2015 v2.0.2-rc1 on razberry is operational again..

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