Ubuntu 12.04 – Intel i210v – Detected Hardware Unit Hang: eth0

Now that was a problem. Just bought an Intel NUC D54250WYK with an Intel 210V GB ethernet adapter. And then, when you start using this, the system pauses for 20 seconds and then continues while transferring large amounts of data.

This machine is meant to be a backup ZKVM host, an I5 with 16Gb memory and just 5 VMs to run – should be fine. However, the hardware unit hang causes mayhem when doing the backup to this machine as the primary host does not like the remote system to pause…

So how to solve? As I have been away for a long time, it caused me some serious issues.

  • 1. Get the latest and greatest e1000e driver from sourceforge, here
  • 2. Untar, cd to src and enter make CFLAGS_EXTRA=-DDISABLE_PCI_MSI install
  • 3. Ensure the e1000 module is used in your setup/kernel by checking the CONFIG_E1000E=m by cat /boot/config{kernel}-generic | grep -i e1000e
  • 4. update-initramfs -u to ensure the new module is loaded in initram
  • 5. reboot

Now my syslog is free of the hardware unit hang and copy actions work much better.

To check if you are using the new module:

modinfo e1000e | head -5
ethtool -i eth0

Both version numbers should be identical

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