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Google mail and IPv6

Running IPv6 fully, means your systems attempt to connect over IPv6 first. Normally, when I’m browsing a site, that is not a problem. When sending mail, however, the receiving mailserver wants to be able to identify the sending server. This …

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DHCPv6 – FritzBox 7390 and Windows 7

When connected to a modern ISP, they can deliver native IPv6. That’s good, as the available space in IPv4 is rapidly decreasing. Although 99% of the home-users is already using PAT – so just one address on the outside exists …

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Suricata, snorby and tarpit on Apache2

Since a few months I realized I need more than just a secure connection. What are “they” attempting on the outside of my Internet connection and do I take sufficient measures to counteract? So instead of just checking the logfiles …

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