Marketing – Ask the proper questions

A marketing man dies and goes to hell.

The devil welcomes him in and shows him three doors. The devil open the first door and the marketing man peers inside to see people up to their chin in dark, smelly, grimy water. Above them flames were belching down below them.

The marketing man says no and the devil takes him to the second door. The marketing man sees the people on their knees. The floor is covered with rough stones and small devils flying around with hot pitchfork poke people around. It was blistering hot and uncomfortable. The marketing man says no so the devil takes him to the third door.

When the third door opened, the marketing man was greeted with a warm blast of air. People were walking around, laughing, talking. There was a guy standing holding a hotdog in one hand and pale ale on the other. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and shades. There was a crystal blue beach and good looking women running around.

The marketing man gave the devil a thumbs up. Devil smiles, roughly pushes the man in and slams the door. Once the locks click, the atmosphere changed: The warm air became a blast furnace, the crystal blue beach became dark, muddy and smells. The water rose up to his chin and he barely can keep the foul smelling water from his mouth. He saw the devil flying above him and he called out, “What happened to the beach, hotdog, beer, and women?”

The devil replied, “That was just only a demo.”

Be sure to ask the proper questions to prevent the emotion described above…