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Google mail and IPv6

Running IPv6 fully, means your systems attempt to connect over IPv6 first. Normally, when I’m browsing a site, that is not a problem. When sending mail, however, the receiving mailserver wants to be able to identify the sending server. This …

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LACP or other options

Cisco Flex links Cisco FlexLinks offers linklevel redundancy. Normally, two switches can be hooked up with a channel (LACP/PAGP) however there are sometimes setups in which you cannot use a channeling protocol. If you cannot have the STP recalculation timers, …

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Ubuntu 12.04 on 3TB disks

With the purchase of my new system, I wanted to install Ubuntu 12.04 lts server edition. By then, I was not properly aware of the technical limits of disk size, when installing. One of the main problems is that at …

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