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Automated filtering with Snorby and Suricata

Since a long time I’m running Suricata on a few Internet facing boxes, just to see what’s attempted to access these boxes unauthorized. It brings a great deal of new information, however there are limits what people should be allowed …

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Suricata, snorby and tarpit on Apache2

Since a few months I realized I need more than just a secure connection. What are “they” attempting on the outside of my Internet connection and do I take sufficient measures to counteract? So instead of just checking the logfiles …

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Nagios: master/slave(s) or master(s)?

When monitoring systems, as in automagically checking all business processes and systems are ok, I used to use a Master/Slave setup. This was built with plain Nagios installs and a ssh-tunnel over the Internet. And then the responsability grows. Another …

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